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Gym & Fitness Centre Cleaning

7. Gym & Fitness Centre Cleaning

Keep your gym members coming back. Your gym may be a place where people seek to maintain their fitness levels and set new goals, but this cannot be achieved if the equipment and premises promote bacteria infestation, leading to an increased risk of infections.

The difference between professional gym cleaning and any other regular commercial cleaning job lies within the extent of bacteria harboured on various surfaces.

We can attend to your gym’s cleaning requirements at any time & any day. We offer regular cleaning services for daily routine , Weekly , Forthnight , Monthly  depending on frequency you want

– Start from Reception Area , Lobbies , Office , Locker room , Activity room , Equipment room , Showers , Saunas

– Dusting , Wipe and Vaccum reception area and Lobbies

–  Clean and mob the floor all area

– Dusting and clean common area , conference room , etc.

–  Gym equipment cleaning and sanitation

– Bathroom and Toilets (From sink , mirror , showers , tiles and floor )

–  Replenishing paper and soap dispensers

–  Wipe window and doors

– Remove trash bags and bins

– Clean stairs , hallway and entire building

Wr-cleaner can provide domestic cleaners for your gym or fitness centre. Our gym cleaners will strive to achieve your 100% satisfaction for your peace of mind.You can rest assured that we only use eco-friendly chemicals to ensure your gym remains a safe and hygienic environment.

An MSDS of all the chemicals that will be used on your premises will be provided upon our contract commencement. To ensure our gym cleaning services or fitness cleaning services remain top notch, we also carry around Sydney area.

If you have any inquiries about Gym & Fitness Centre cleaning services. You can talk with us on Live Chat Now. Our Customers services will answer you on time or call us on 1300-987 499

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