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Regular House Cleaning Services

1. Regular house cleaning services

On regular house cleaning services, Wr-cleaner  serves the house cleaning services with domestic cleaners who are professionals and trained in sydney. The following is completed to our high standard. Some items may not require attention every visit and will be rotated as required. Regular house cleaning services are the type of cleaning services that is done frequently – weekly, fortnightly or month-to-month basis. The providers of this service offer house cleaning services in all Sydney .

You can see what we do for you regular house cleaning services

Bathrooms Cleaning

– Bath cleaned,rinsed and left shining

– Shower recess scrubbed

– Shower fittings and glass cleaned

– Basin and Vanity scrubbed

– Toilets scrubbed/disinfected (Incl base and behind)

– Mirrors cleaned and polished

– Floors vacuumed and mopped

– Light Switches cleaned

– Tiles and fittings cleaned and left shining

– Waste bin cleaned and left shining

– Door frames cleaned

– Removed garbage from bin

Kitchen Cleaning

– Stove top and range-hood cleaned

– Bench tops and back splash cleaned

– cupboard fronts wiped down

– Exterior of refrigerator cleaned

– Inside and outside of microwave oven

– Sinks scrubbed and left shining

– Fingerprints cleaned from door frames/light switches

– Floors vacuumed and mopped

– Window Sills wiped down

– Removed garbage from bin


Bedrooms,Stairs Hallways and Common Areas Cleaning

– All furniture/ picture frames dusted

– Mirrors on Glass tables cleaned

– Fingerprints cleaned from door frames/ light switches

– Window sills wiped down

– Carpets vacuumed (under bed if accessible)

– Non-carpeted floors mopped clean

– Wall marks cleaned on request

– Cobwebs removed

– Skirting boards wiped down

– Make tidy up whatever we can

– Blinds cleaned  (On Request)

– Removed garbage from bin

# Exclusions Cleaning Services

Ceiling,Light, Bulbs,Chandelier,High Reach Area (More than 2 Step Ladder) , Biohazards (Mold,etc.), Hoarding , Animal / Human Waste , Heavy Lifting / Moving Item (More than 10 kg) ,Exterior Windows

#  We highly recommend you to do deep cleaning for the first booking or the place not clean 30 days  before regular cleaning service

Requests a free home cleaning quote

For a little extra, please let our cleaners know!.  Wr-cleaner will be happy to customize a cleaning services plan for meeting as your specific needs.

If you have any inquiries about Regular House Cleaning Services. You can talk with us on Live Chat Now. Our Customers services will answer you on time or call us on 1300-987 499

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