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Real estate agent cleaning

6. Real estate agent cleaning

A combination of private residential and commercial cleaning, with many areas shared by several individuals.

-   Keep you tenants satisfied with immaculate building conditions.

–   Maintain the look and the value of strata buildings by keeping them like new.

–  Our house keeping service provide:  Vacuum common areas, hallways, foyers, public stairways … etc.

–  Lift cleaning.

–  Fire stairways cleaning.

–  Bathroom and laundry cleaning, replacing soap, paper … etc.

–  Railings, windows, ledges, skirting boards, patios … etc.

–  Car park and garage cleaning.

–  Bin and Waste disposal.

–  Ground maintenance. Lawn mowing.General minor Handyman work.High Pressure water cleaning.

Contact us for a quote about Sydney strata cleaning. Whether it’s Weekly, Monthly, Daily or biweekly, we can design a cleaning maintenance schedule around your requirements strata Cleaning.

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